weird tv intro
Noel was hired to create this intro sequence for a television show called "Weird TV". The show's creative director wanted to begin the episodes with the old fashion television picture test pattern. However, the test pattern would transform into something rather psychedelic.

The official mascot of the show was a human eyeball stuck in a retro television set. We're talking a real old cathode ray tube tv set from the 1960s.

Noel produced this entire sequence. Concept, design, layout, animation, and composting were performed by himself.

For this project, extreme close-ups of an eyeball were needed. However, directing and shooting a real actor was just too tricky. So, Noel pitched the concept of constructing a human eye model, but with full character animation control. Photographs of his own eye were used as footage for the setup. The setup and scripting was done completely with After Effects. Once the setup was created, he was able to choreograph the action of the eyeball using simple animation channels. Blinking, point of interest, iris dilation, brow muscles, lower eye lid muscles were all taken care of automatically. Some fine visual effects details of the setup included: specular reflection from fluid meniscus, corneal bulge, and iris deformation (planar).

It was near Halloween, and Noel just happen to have some dry ice around. So, he did this fun test with the Eye Character.