Noel Rubin
Noel Rubin specializes in the direction of user interfaces and user experience related projects. Noel excels in leading the creativity, artistic vision, animation, and technical aspects of such projects. He also offers full design and animation production.

After more than 22 years of experience creating computer graphics, Noel orchestrates information, images, space and time, to create powerful multi-layered communications – persuasive messages that effectively convey meaning and contemporary mythos. Drawing inspiration from forward-thinking industrial designers, he strive to apply their creative design reasoning to graphical user interfaces. His direction leads to visionary, yet functional innovations that provide intuitive interaction based on solid procedural logic.

The fusion of science and art, a product of Noel's unique education in theoretical physics and passion for visual design, brings user experiences to life. Noel develops graphical user interfaces to use rich, seamless animations to stimulate engagement and enhance functionality for a strong, positive user experience. He considers user interfaces to be interactive electronic canvases, and therefore requires virtually every visual element to combine both aesthetic and functional roles. He values this discipline regardless of the project’s genre, be it practical or futuristic.

Noel is available for freelance or onsite expertise and is open to accommodation of both long or short term contracts. Examples of projects include:
  • UI/UX concepts for games, applications, media consoles, and embedded OS systems
  • 3D graphical user interfaces for Augmented Reality (AR), game design, and product development
  • Motion graphics, animated information graphics, and technical schematics
  • Futuristic/Fantasy user interfaces (FUI) for film, video, games, and other venues
  • Head-up displays (HUD), On-Screen displays (OSD)
  • Vehicle dashboards, instrumentation, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)
  • Electronic Flight Instrumentation Systems (EFIS) and navigation
  • Logo and icon design
Computer tradecraft: Maxon Cinema 4D Studio (+4 years), Adobe After Effects (+21 years), Photoshop (+21 years), Illustrator (+21 years), Premiere Pro (<1 year). Previous: Maya (3 years), Form•Z (8 years), Fontographer (5 years), Flash development (+17 years)

Previous projects for: Yahoo, Microsoft, Nokia, Red 5 Studios, Scripps Network, Moxi, Digeo, Coca-Cola, Agency Collective, Mission Control Media. Entertainment Arts Television Inc, Due to existing NDAs, more past projects or clients cannot be listed.

You can read more about Noel's experience and skills on LinkedIn.

All the graphical design and animation appearing on this website were created by Noel Rubin alone. Where appropriate, he was also responsible for final compositing. The only productions task which he did not perform was 3D match move solving.