firefall remnant
This sequence was part of a presentation given by senior executives at Red 5 Studios. It’s a little more fancy than boring powerpoint slides. The presentation explained the background story of Red 5's video game and various play mechanics. Noel produced this entire sequence by himself. He created all the artwork and effects from scratch as no assets were provided. Interestingly, Noel produced the full shot using only Adobe After Effects. Of course, Noel now uses Cinema 4D for his heavy lifting in 3D.

The story of the game revolves around a alien race which has unleashed an energy force called "The Melding." This toxic energy storm consumes the resources of the earth and covers almost the entire globe. Mankind now resides in very rare, Melding-free regions called remnants. This presentation outlined the game play of reclaiming remnants by players.

In the remnant close-up view, warfare activity is represented by a unique set of icons and symbols. Most icons were previously designed by Noel for in-game UI development. Additional iconography was defined to relate different aspects of players activity such as the type of deployment, i.e. ground versus air support. There wasn't too much copy text for this demo because the speaker mentioned all the details and gestured to the map.

The world map in this presentation is completely fictional. Continents have shifted, oceans have flooded and draughts have formed, creating new land masses. When discussing the future of the earth's evolution, there were many creative and sometimes funny suggestions. Senior staff said, "Let's just take out Vancouver!", as Noel grew up in the city.

There is one easter egg which is visible in every shot. Noel always enjoys inserting some sort of reference to old school video games. If you look closely, you may spot a famous shape from the classic video game "Astroids" by Atari. Look close…

Spot the asteroid shape? Scroll below to reveal the asteroid placed in the full map shot.