firefall live action
While on contract for Red 5 Studios, Noel was tasked to direct and create futuristic motion graphics for several internal projects.

Noel's user interface concept work for Red 5's video game development was used as a starting point for creating a newer visual style of graphics. Noel literally treated the game UI as skeletal geometry to spawn the creation of higher detail artwork. However, there were none of the usual development restrictions which usually burden "real world" UX design. So, he was free to dream up pure eye candy, as long as the graphics looked good and polished.

The following shots were part of a live action game trailer. The entire shots were completed by himself, except for the 3D match move solution.

The futuristic concept employed a "windowless" or "frameless" OS user interface. Panels would float in 2D or 3D space, without a traditional rectangular window definition. Conforming such a free-forming UI still required some degree of law and order. Noel devised a system of "anchoring" panels using ornamental dingbats.

The following videos are some of the tests which accumulated over the project:


Feb 25, 2014 - Concept art and animation tests will be uploaded soon.