While working on contract at Red 5 Studios, Noel had many opportunities to help out with their marketing videos. This marketing campaign featured Cosplay outfits built by Steve Wang. Steve is a really talented model maker with some very famous movies under his name.

For this project, Noel created information schematics which played up the fantasy features of the power suits. It was all just for fun, of course.

That's Lee Reherman. You might has seen him quickly in the latest Star Trek movie "Into Darkness".

The interesting note about this assignment was that Noel created the graphics exclusively in Adobe After Effects. No other 3D program was used. he took it as a personal challenge to see how far he could push After Effects for creating UI layouts which had real appeal. Of course, he does usually use Cinema 4D for my complex 3D work.

You may have noticed that there was a slight video artifacting effect on the battleframe schematic. This custom setup was derived from several nested compositions with some scripting in the mix. While prototyping the effect, Noel caught a glimpse of some interesting frames. The images below are snapshots from the actual look development tests. It looks like a ghost was caught on a computer vision system. Very freaky!